Ethics: Press dossiers on Human Rights

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Día de los DDHH 2011

Both men and women can be the victims of hunger, repression, kidnapping or torture. Women can suffer from additional attacks on their human rights, including rape, forced pregnancy and everyday forms of sexual discrimination. Women need the special protection till the development and advance of women are totally promoted. Women’s judicial and social equality must be guaranteed. Many women are afraid to speak out against their aggressors, when they suffer abuse. Authorities often give women little or no protection .About 70 % of all the women killed are victims of their partners or ex-partners. The first World Conference on Human Rights took place in Vienna in 1993. At this conference, they declared that women’s rights are indivisible part of universal human rights. Governments must care this declaration be filled. Children are not physically or mentally mature so they need special protection in developing countries. After the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, the United Nations approved a special declaration about children’s rights in 1959 in Pakistan, Yemen and China. There were about 218 million child workers. About 58% of these children were working in dangerous conditions. There are between 120.000 and 150.000 child soldiers in Angola, Liberia, Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda and other countries. They often work as porters, messengers and spies. They also learn how to use firearms and explosives. In the following countries children are sentenced to death: Pakistan, Yemen and China.

Women and men’s rights are innate, inalienable and fundamental, but they can be violated if they are victims of hunger, discrimination, rape …
Women’s rights can be violated in other ways like sexual discrimination. Women need special protection but often authorities give little or no protection to women. The World Conference of Human Rights declared that women’s rights are indivisible part of all the Human Rights.
Children aren’t mature enough so they need special care and protection. The United Nations created UNICEF to care for children in developing countries In some countries gadults use them as workers or take them to war. Today, in all the world are 218 million children trapped in child labour and being children soldiers.
In some countries around the world (such as China and Yemen) children are sentenced to death penalty.