Etika ikasgaian honako lan batzuk egin ditugu Giza Eskubidei buruz:

The United Nations (UN) is a voluntary organization of sovereign states, to promote world peace and friendship between all nations for economic and social progress. The UN was created on 24 October 1945. The UN approved the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.
The human rights are universal, inalienable and non-negotiable. And we exercise our rights as individuals and social groups or collectives.
The United Nations helps victims of violence and abuse, for example, children and women (they are poorer than men). About 66% of all women will suffer abuse in their lives.
In a lot of countries the death penalty is approved, for example: Lithuania, Russia, America, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Africa. The most common method used as death penalty is stoning.
Moreover, in some countries the death penalty is applied to children: in Pakistan, Yemen and China.
About 300.000 boys and girls are fighting in wars and other conflicts.